NGI: The European Vision for 2025

At the NGI Forum Georgios Tselentis, Scientific Project Officer at European Commission, spoke about the Next Generation Internet as resilient, reliable and ready for all Europeans.  An internet that is human centric and at the service of people and society.
The Next Generation Internet should guarantee trust and more citizen autonomy following the EC principles which are: tailored to human needs, diversity & pluralism, citizen right to choose, inclusive, open to change, democratic, participatory, transparent, level playing field, new participation models, resilient, secure, safe.

Georgios also remarked that there is the need to develop a vision for the internet of the future that involves actors from civil society as stakeholders. The NGI new approach should focus on ideas that are not cast in stone yet: interactive/immersive, multi lingual inclusion, AI, Future media, IOT, cloud computing, networks. The key message is that NGI should have clear societal benefit and address societal challenges. We need to think big!

In order to change the course of the internet evolution through R&D&I, citizen centric needs have to be considered to develop new technologies and determine new policies.

Download Georgios’ presentation to read more about it!